Designed by Former USMC and US Army Snipers. The Long Range Operators Challenge will not be a flat range "belly shoot."



Goal:  This competition is designed to test and develop Sniper training and sustainment programs through shared experience, among Snipers and Long Range Shooting enthusiasts. The LROC tests the gear and the person using the gear. Through exposure to challenge and adversity, necessity will determine the winning elements required of a Sniper team.  Is carrying that heavy rifle is worth it? Or is it better to carry a lighter smaller rifle that still shoots well? Can you live without your ballistic computer? Some stages will have no electronics others will allow whatever technology you have.  . 


3 Day Tactical Match, more walking, longer stages.

2 Day Match, less walking shorter Stages

TOP .308 Shooter will get prize



MARCH 6-9, 2015

Colville, WA and surrounding area. 3 Day Tactical Match and Two Day Match.


Unknown Distance

Rifle and Pistol

Foot movement

Varied Terrain


Coaches welcome on site.